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I have managed to access issue 36 of The Scribe. I was wondering if I can have copyright permission to place this information on Rabbi Somekh and the picture of the rabbais on my website.

I understand that on one of the issues there is a clearer picture of Rabbai Abdallah and have been unable to locate it. if you can assist me that would be great.

Thank You,

David Somekh.


The Scribe:



Thank you very much for the picture
Just to check, I have permission to use anything from the scribe text or pictures?

Many thanks and best whishes,

David Somekh

Dear Mr. Somekh,

Can you please send us a link to your web site?

You can use whatever material you like, as long as you give credit to the scribe, inform us on the use of the material, and as long as the material isn't taken out of context.
The Scribe.



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