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to satisfy my knowledge or rather something that I have always
heard I would appreciate your answer.
I have always been under the impression [something that I heard many years
ago] that the true Jews were the Sephardic Jews. Not the Jews in Israel as
they came from Russia where they immigrated centuries ago and since the
Russian people converted to Judaism, over the centuries, Jewishness simply
just about slipped out of the Jewish gene pool.
Asking this, I mean no disrespect, just that I have always been interested
in Judaism and have done much reading. During the Diaspora Jews travelled all
over the known world and I wonder about who is Jew and who is not.
Thank you for any comment you may be pleased to forward to me.

Janet marsh, NY.
Thank you also for your site, just surfed onto it and was happy that I did.

The Scribe wrote:

The Ashkenazi people (those from Europe) are not as ‘pure’ as the Sephardi Jews (of Middle Eastern origin). In any case Judaism is not strictly based on race, and while we do not proselytise actively, we welcome converts who undergo the difficult conversion process.

The Scribe


Janet Marsh wrote:

Thank you so much for your reply. I still think that the Sephardic Jew is the real jew of our Bible. I will go on your site often. It is very interesting.






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