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Following your kind offer of last year, please find enclosed my graduation letter from SOAS. Your award will be of great help in covering some of the expanses and I would be very grateful to you.
I am also sending here a cassette with two of my recent recordings. Having finished my masters research on Iraqi music, I now dedicate my time to collecting and performing Iraqi songs written by Jewish composers such as Saleh al-Kuwaity and Youssef Yaaqub Shem-Tov. I also teach music in Jerusalem, and enjoy being back here with my family.
Looking forward to your reply,
Best wishes
Dafna Dori.

Thank you for your letter, we are glad that you received your degree. Please find enclosed our remittance of £500 as promised. Your recordings indicate a good start and we wish you success in that field.
Mr. Naim Dangoor.


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