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From the Holland Park Synagogue:

On Monday 3rd January, Meir Basri passed away at the age of 94. He had been a member of the Holland Park congregation for over 30 years and he was elected a life elder in 2001.

With his death, the Sephardi communities in this country and across the world lose a great mind and a wonderful human being. Born in Iraq at the time of the Hashemite dynasty of King Faisal (1883-1933), when the entire people enjoyed equality, democracy and economic prosperity, Meir Basri was one of the prominent Jewish poets, a major writer and an important journalist of the time.

When he was finally allowed to leave Iraq he came to England. Here, he continued his work and was greatly respected by all in the literary world. His knowledge of the Talmud was matched only by his works and studies of Islam. He was also a master of the French language as well as English, Hebrew and Arabic.

Until recently he was a regular worshiper at Holland Park and did not miss an opportunity to join in with the community activities. Many of us will remember the poem he composed and read in the Synagogue, on the occasion of our 75th anniversary.

The large attendance at his funeral was an indication of the esteem and respect with which this great man was held in the community.
He leaves his wife, Marcelle, 4 daughters (Nora, Aida, Mona and May) and 10 grandchildren to whom we extend our deepest sympathies and sincere condolences.

May the Almighty receive him with compassion and may his soul rest in peace.






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