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The Association of Jewish Academic from Iraq announces with great regret the Passing away of our Dear Friend, Dr. Abraham Ben-Ya'qob. He was buried in Jerusalem yesterday, the 2 November, 2005. In the funeral, I have represented the Academic Committee of the Babylonian Heritage Center and the Association of Jewish academics from Iraq. In the obituary I mentioned his devotion to the study of the Babylonian Jewry, its history, cultures, customs, biographies of its eminent personalities, literature, poetry, toms yeshiva, bibliographies and biographies, folklore and all the aspects of the Jewish life in the past and present in Iraq, Israeli the Far East and the rest of the Oriental Jewish world. The late Dr. Ben-Ya'qob published more that 40 books which form a huge encyclopedia on the Babylonian and Kurdish Communities in Iraq and some Sephardic personalities in the Arab World. With out his basic works, no scholar can write on these aspects of the Jews of Iraq without using his works. He was a modest scholar, helpful, honest and devoted to the history of the Jewish people, to the Jewish belief, customs and religion.

Yehyeh Zikhro barukh.

Shmuel Moreh





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