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Books Received

Blue’s Jokes

Ancient and Modern Sacred and Profane
Told and re-told by Lionel Blue
Hodder and Soughton
164pp Price: £6.99

Description of Egypt
by Edward William Lane (1801-1876)

Edited and with an introduction by Jason Thompson
The American University in Cairo Press
588 pp

Description of Egypt, now published for the first time, was the product of Lane’s first research trip to Egypt from 1825-1828.
Comprising nearly 300,000 words and 160 illustrations, it recounts his travels through Egypt and Nubia.


The amazing autobiography of Vera Chesno at the age of 94.
With contributions from Irène Noah and Aubrey Rose

Lennard Publishing
288pp Price: £12.99

The Sabra
The Creation of the New Jew
by Oz Almog

Translated by Haim Watzman
University of California Press

Unholy War
The Vatican’s Role in the Rise of Modern Anti-Semitism
by David I Kertzer

355 pp Price: £20.00

Free Will and Illusion
by Saul Smilansky

Clarendon Press - Oxford

Henry Salt
Artist, Traveller, Dioplomat, Egyptologist
by Deborah Manley and Peta Reé

Libri Publication Limited

The British Century
A photographic history of the last hundred years
by Brian Moynahan

Seven Dials
Cassell & Company
The Orion Publishing Group
304 pp Price: £16.99

Photographs researched and edited by Sarah Jackson and Annabel Merullo, whose previous collaborations include the highly acclaimed The Russian Century and The Chinese Century.

Gershom Scholem
A Life in Letters, 1914-1982

Edited and translated by Anthony David Skinner
Harvard University Press
547 pp Price: £23.95

Interpreting the Orient
Travellers in Egypt and the Near East

Edited by Paul and Janet Starkey
Garnet Publishing Limited
277 pp £35.00

Unfolding the Orient
Travellers in Egypt and the Near East

Edited by Paul and Janet Starkey
Garnet Publiishing Limited, UK
318 pp Price: £35.00

This collection of papers has its origin in the conference “Travelllers to Egypt and the Near East” held at St Catherine’s College, Oxford in July 1997.

Desert Travellers
from Herodotus to T E Lawrence

Edited by Janet Starkey and Okasha El Daly
Printed by The Association for the Study of Travel in Egypt and the Near East
327 pp

The Vatican and the Holocaust in Italy
Under his very Windows
by Susan Zuccotti

Yale University Press
400 pp Price: £11.99UK US $16.95

Pius XII, the head of the Roman Catholic Church during the Second World War, did not speak out publicly against the destruction of the Jews. This fact is rarely contested, nor can it be. Evidence of a public protest, if it existed, would be easy to produce. It does not exist.


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