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Look Up and Dream

by Robert Rietty

Foreword by Chief Rabbi Professor Jonathan Sacks
Published by Valentine Mitchell

Reviewed by Percy S Gourgey, MBE

This book contains a series of well-told events, fascinating in content, about how the hand of the Almighty is discernible in the daily round and common task. It illustrates the truth of the phrase, "God moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform". The miracles are not spectacular, like the crossing of the Red Sea under the leadership of Moses our greatest Prophet, with the guidance of the Almighty, or the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai for the eternal benefit of mankind, but seemingly ordinary occurrences accompanied by a humble prayer on the part of those involved. They lead me to the thought that the Almighty is speaking to every man and woman all the time, if only he or she will listen – and pray.

The Almighty has given men and women Free Will, the far-reaching implications of which are not fully appreciated. Free to choose to obey His commandments, "virtue brings its own reward", or reject them and the devil take the hindmost. It is comparable to a brilliant light shining at the entrance of a forest illuminating the path ahead with its pitfalls to avoid, or taking a chance and making one’s own way ahead hoping for the best! Surely prudence – and common sense – dictate the former way.

The author, a famous actor, but like me, served in the Armed Forces of the Crown during the Second World War – and doubtless at moments of peril and loneliness one turns to prayer. In the forests of Burma there was a striking phrase coined by American soldiers fighting the ferocious Japanese Imperial Army: "You don’t get atheists in foxholes!" It brings to mind the admirable proverb – "In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight thy path".

The author fittingly dedicates his book to his wife, Tina: "As the years go by I realise more and more that – no matter what the problem - You are the answer", to stress the greatest blessing of the Almighty - a good family life as the font of fine achievement.


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