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The Essential Jewish Cookbook

by Judy Jackson

Published by Lorenz Books
ISBN 0-7548-0668-5 Price: £6.95

Reviewed by Anna Dangoor, who has just graduated from University of Nottingham with first class honours in Physics

Whether you’re a fan of cooking, or as in my case, a big fan of eating, this book is a delight. Judy Jackson has put together a comprehensive guide to the finest foods that Sephardi and Ashkenazi cooking has to offer.

Just flicking through the book is enough to make ones mouth water, as every page is full of colourful step-by-step pictures showing each stage of preparation, and the sumptuous end results.

This clear and simple way of presenting the recipes makes the book accessible to even the clumsiest of cooks. For someone like me who usually runs for cover at the first sign of a cookery book, it was fantastic to feel that even I was only a few simple steps away from delicious hummus and falafel, potato latkes, or even cholent, (I can’t wait to try that one on my housemates!)

As well as the clear step-by-step instructions, I found the‘ Cook’s Tips’, which accompany many of the recipes, particularly helpful. These give handy suggestions on ways in which the dishes can be varied, and general advice on the method of cooking. I also enjoyed the introductory pages which give a brief background into the types of ingredients used in Jewish cooking, and the traditional foods eaten at festivals.

Being at university one does begin to crave that good old homemade Jewish cooking, and I was glad to see that all my favourites, such as stuffed vegetables and turkey schnitzels, were included in the book. The diverse range of recipes Judy has included also means that there are a whole host of unfamiliar delicious-looking dishes, in case you fancy trying something new.

So if like me you believe that unwritten Jewish commandment‘ thou shalt eat well!’ then grab your matzo meal, sling on your apron, and reach for this book.


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