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The Social History of the Jews of Hong Kong

What used to be a small, distant outpost of the Diaspora has now become the hub of Jewish life in the East and South-East Asian region. It is therefore highly appropriate that an in-depth study of the social history of Hong Kong Jewry has recently begun.

The study has been prepared by Dr Caroline B Plüss, D. Phil., Oxon who graduated in Sociology, Political Sciences and Anthropology from Lausanne University, Switzerland. She then won the Berrow Scholarship from Lincoln College, University of Oxford, England where she obtained a doctorate in the Sociology of Religion. Currently, Dr Plüss, is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Centre of Asian Studies. The University of Hong Kong, and a Research Fellow of the Jewish Historical Society (JHS) of Hong Kong.

In the process of gathering the resources for this research and writing project, Dr Plüss has uncovered, and gathered together a wide variety of materials that have never before been readily available to researchers in one body of collected materials which has been published as an Occasional Paper of the JHS of Hong Kong.



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