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The Israeli-Turkish Entente

by Professor Efraim Inbar
Director of Begin-Sadat Centre for Strategic Studies at Bar-Ilan University

The new unprecedented degree of closeness between Israel and Turkey has become a significant feature of the contemporary international dynamics of the Middle East. Efraim Inbar’s The Israeli-Turkish Entente is the first comprehensive study that explains the timing of the entente, its present substance, and its impact on the regional environment.

The book argues that the entente with Israel was part of a re-orientation of Turkey’s foreign policy as a result of the emergence of a new international constellation, following the demise of the Soviet Union. While it was free to adopt a more assertive foreign policy than before, Turkey perceived itself encircled by areas of instability and threatened by dangerous neighbours. Relations with Israel were considered useful in facing Turkey’s new challenges. While no classic military alliance, the Israeli-Turkish entente renders each side military benefits. The partnership is useful in dealing with a variety of common challenges, such as the adversary relationship with Syria, the security risks emanating from Iraq and Iran, particularly concerning weapons of mass destruction; Islamic extremism; the future of Central Asia. Turkey and Israel also share a problematic relationship with Europe and suspicions of a resurgent Russia. This alignment strengthens the peace process between Israel and its neighbours, which is predicated upon a strong Israel, deters radical states, such as Iran, Iraq and Syria and enhances the influence of the US in the region.

Finally, the book evaluates the resilience of the new Israeli-Turkish entente in light of domestic and international constraints and argues that despite the potential limitations, the common interests are likely to make the entente durable.



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