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A letter to the Three Faiths Forum

My son says: God unites - Religion divides and sub-divides. By basing your movement on the different faiths, we are barking up the wrong tree.

Let us by-pass Faith and go straight for the Faithful. Let us forget about Judaism, Christianity and Islam and talk about Jews, Christians and Moslems. There is no doubt that all these believers acknowledge, worship and recognise the same God. The simple formula is to say that all believers in Monotheism are equal in every respect, including intermarriage and conversion.

I would encourage new branches in Monotheism. The movement can then expand into the unknown areas and bring the whole of mankind within the belief in the One True God. Jews started it and Jews should take it forward. Judaism was never meant to convert the world. "We saved ourselves by our endeavours and we hope to save the world by our example".

When the Second Temple was destroyed, only the Jews worshipped the One True God. Now, with the rebirth of the State of Israel, we find that half of mankind recognises the God of Abraham, the God of Israel. We cannot ignore this important development. We have to celebrate this important fact.

A reader of The Scribe recently asked, "How would you deal with re-building Solomon's temple?" My answer was "Solomon's Temple was already re-built by the Caliph Abdul Malik as the Dome of the rock" on the exact site of the original Temple. This should now be made available to all followers of Monotheism.

Whether or not there is a God, or there was a process of creation etc, can remain for future debate, but belief in Creation and a Creator will remain in vogue for a long time to come.

Pope John Paul the 2nd prayed at a Jewish synagogue and a Muslim mosque and was the first pope to admit that there are various ways to heaven. His last word, seconds before he died, was Amen, which is remarkable as being the word regularly used by all monotheistic faiths. He would be in favor by a unified approach to monotheism.

Kind regards.

Naim Dangler



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