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The Jewish Community Centre in Manhattan

On January 2, 2002, The JCC's new Samuel Priest Rose Building opened its doors at 76th Street and Amsterdam Avenue. A spectacular 11-story, 137,000 square-foot structure unlike any other building in the city. Built by the community—for the community—from the ground up.

The Jewish Community Centre in Manhattan is a building that houses the community's collective desires. A product of the JCC's deep roots in the community. The result of years of listening and responding to the wants and needs of thousands of people across the city - integrating their hopes and dreams into the building plan before architects even put pen to paper. The JCC incorporates the desire to grow, to replenish, and to expand. To embark on new paths and reconsider old ones, whatever our age or background. A place to rejuvenate.

It is a building with a rooftop playground, a lobby filled with light and space, designed like a communal living room. Two pools, a multimedia center that's as welcoming to seniors who want to become computer literate, as it is cutting-edge for the community's emerging creative artists. A structure that houses a state-of-the-art fitness facility as well as contemplation center, a study center, and arts studios. A fully equipped auditorium that can be configured for poetry readings, film premiers, classical concerts, and lectures as well as debuts of theatrical works.

At the JCC, programs and events develop in response to the needs of the community. It's a place that brings people together in creative ways:

- Sports Leagues for Kids and Adults
- New Filmmakers Previews
- Music Premieres
- Parenting Programs
- Poetry Readings
- Support Groups
- Holiday Celebrations
- Volunteers for Literacy
- Operation Chicken Soup for Teens

And so much more. The JCC is a place where you can be as inventive and as creative as you want to be, a place that might just transform your idea of community in New York City.

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