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Victoria Meir Hakkak

A letter of condolences

9 June 2004-06-10

Dear Ezra,
Renee and I were saddened to learn of the sudden passing of your dear mother. She was a well loved friend and a jewel of our community. May her soul rest in peace. She was in a way fortunate not to suffer a long illness. I remember my late grandmother kept praying every day for a Mo'ta Khfeefi (easy death).

Victoria reached the record age of 95* as she was born only 8 years after the death of Queen Victoria and lived through the reign of 5 British monarchs. In the east we count age from the beginning of the year and not at its end as they do in the west. This is the correct practice and it follows the counting of a monarch's reign being 1st year, 2nd year, etc.

Renee and I have kept and still use, having brought with us from Baghdad, the electric kettle which your dear parents kindly gave us as a wedding present 57 years ago. It is one of the few presents that we kept and perhaps the only one that has survived, as all the cash and cheques that we received at the time went straight to Haguli's Atelier (sewing workshop).

Please accept our sincere condolences and sympathy to you and all the family. Wishing you good health and long life.

Renee & Naim

*Exceeded only by my late mother who attained the age of 99




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