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Rice and Lentils Nourish the Hungry

Hazon Yeshaya is very grateful to Mr. Naim Dangoor of London, who has generously committed to establishing the extremely successful Rice and Lentils program.

Rice and lentils are a healthy, nourishing food combination eaten by millions of people around the world. Three times each week, with the support of Mr. Dangoor’s Exilarch's Foundation, Hazon Yeshaya distributes over 2,000 bags of cooked rice and lentils, each containing one kilo of food, to needy families in Israel. These rice and lentils are the only meal these families eat the entire day. While no one is required to pay, some put money in a collection box, according to their ability, so that they do not feel they are receiving a free handout.

Mr. Dangoor’s initiative began in response to former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s paying $10,000 to the families of suicide bombers. Mr. Dangoor wanted to do something to help the families of terror victims and the Rice and Lentils program was born. Hazon Yeshaya is grateful for Mr. Dangoor’s ongoing assistance and support, which provides renewed hope along with life’s most basic necessity to those most in need.

Hundreds of bags of cooked rice and lentils from Naim Dangoor’s Exilarch's Foundation are distributed by volunteers at Hazon Yeshaya Soup Kitchens


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